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Murrieta Valley School District

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the artist

With a tight deadline to meet Vista Murrieta's 20th Anniversary, Sophie and Derrik had to hop on this project together. The school was looking for replace outdated murals with new, realistic portraits of horses and elements in the mural representing excellence and integrity.

Celebrating Two Decades of Excellence in Education

Vista Murrieta High approached us asking if we could paint 5 walls for them with 2 weeks to spare before their 20th Anniversary. We were asked to work in a foyer to replace existing murals and surprise students and faculty upon their return from summer break.


Sophie Mathis and Derrik Diza got to work designing a new face and welcome signage for the school. Sophie's realism skills and Derrik's eye for tight details and letters made a strong team to get things done. We are honored to be a part of the celebration. 

Client Testimonial:

Derrik and his team exceeded our expectations and captured the spirit and energy of a large comprehensive high school, while helping us maintain, timeless traditions. 

The process was seamless, and the timelines provided were accurate. We could not be more and excited about our new murals and custom crest work. 

- Celeste Scallion, Principal at Vista Murrieta High

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