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live painting - L'Attitude Event SD

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the artist

Steve Martinez is an artist, muralist, and designer who bridges graphic design with hyper realism in his paintings.

Showcasing the LatinX Community's Impact in the Technology Sector

Accenture reached out to us with a tight deadline and need for an interactive art activation at the L'Attitude Event in San Diego.


The tech giant was initially looking for a live mural painting that viewers could watch come to life in front of their eyes. It was crucially important that we delivered a piece representative of LatinX culture and its relation to the technology sector. We proposed the idea of creating multiple pieces with a LatinX artist to be delivered to Accenture offices after the conclusion of the event, which the team loved.


Enter in Steve Martinez, a Guatemalan hyper realism artist whose work is largely influenced by technology and his cultural roots alike. We knew Steve would be perfect for the project, and he did not disappoint. With people pouring into the event in San Diego, there were countless interactions between Steve and the crowd. Accenture's booth was constantly busy and the talk of the event. Not only did Steve charm the  booth's visitors with his whit and kindness, but moreso with his beautiful artwork.

These pieces can be found in Accenture offices across the US (Chicago, Dallas, and New York).

Client Testimonial:

"Working with Influential Walls was one of the best decisions we could have made during our planning process. The service was white glove from start to finish and truly added more value than we could’ve imagined. From the initial idea conversation to artist curation, design process and final execution, Influential Walls carried us through every step flawlessly."

- Kelsey Fulop, US M&E Planner @ Accenture

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