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Disorganized Depictions
Studio Space


the artist

Derrik Diza, founder of Influential Walls, originally created our brand as a means to give back to foster youth.  Influential Walls was once his company, Disorganized Depictions, see more in the description!

Some Nostalgia for the Good Ol' Times

Before we were known as Influential Walls, we were Disorganized Depictions. Derrik founded our company as a means to give back to foster youth. He designed clothing and commissioned pieces on wood panels, skateboards, and canvases.


After one year of selling clothes across the world, Derrik was invited to paint a mural in Bixby Knolls. This was when he found a deeper appreciation for street art. He knew his future had changed and his company had to evolve into something bigger. He noticed the impact murals had on local communities was profound and could really solve problems for companies and institutions.


Enter in the Disorganized Depictions Studio. Derrik began practicing mural painting techniques on walls in his studio. Paint was pushed all over each wall creating a completely immersive space and giving him the opportunity to practice and showcase his work. This space was where the seed for Influential Walls was planted. 

After a year of painting murals on his own, selling to clients, and learning the nuances of art business, Derrik identified a gap in the market. Other artists were not strong at selling, constructing contracts, maintaining consistent and transparent communication, and uncovering and dissecting client needs in detail. This would give Derrik the opportunity to put his degree in entrepreneurship to the test. His mission to help youth and artists would be pursued by giving more artists jobs and working with youth across the country.

Disorganized Depictions was rebranded to become Influential Walls. Our new name seeks to directly communicate who we are and what we stand for in our name. Thank you to all of you who have supported Disorganized Depictions / Influential Walls since day one!

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