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Wasco Union Elementary School District

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the artist

Emma is one of the youngest artists on the team; passionate about teaching, community, and exploring.

Capturing Diversity and Encouraging Togetherness

Palm Avenue Middle School wanted murals that showcased diversity, empowerment, and sophistication alongside an engaging program that gave students ownership over the campus.


Through our Mural Academy Program, we surveyed the student body, collected their ideas, and created two murals that showcased Panther spirit while including student interests like music, science, nature, and color.

Enter Emma Gilbert, a skilled, young artist - only 20 years old at the time. Emma's delivery of realism mixed with abstract concepts and orange pops of color to bring out the school's green brought these murals to life. She worked side-by-side with the students through our Program along with our Founder, Derrik Diza, who taught them more about the creative economy and how to make money and successful careers in the arts.

Client Testimonial:

"We just finished up with Mr. Diza here at Palm.  The work is AWESOME and the process was extremely smooth. It was a great opportunity and has already helped with the culture of the campus."  

- Zachary Ellis, Former Principal at Palm Avenue

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Emma Panther Landscape.jpg
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