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the artist

Emma is a prodigy in the industry. Being only 20 years old, Emma is an accomplished muralist from Alabama who loves working with kids and has worked with huge brands including the NFL.

Reviving Outdated Murals

Teresa Burke reached out to us asking us to replace an old, faded mural they had on their campus that they felt needed some modern and contemporary touches.

The staff asked to see a level of sophistication and culture that represented local foliage, their mascot, and their school colors. We brought Emma Gilbert in to tackle the project and conducted a day of workshops for with students!

After the mural was all said and done, we had the local news, Mayor, and district board members come out to an unveiling ceremony.

What an honor!

Red Tree Foreground Horse Mural WUESD.jpg
Emma Dead Center Horse School Mural.jpg
Angled Horse Mural Big Tree Silhouette Portrait.jpg
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