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jlp entrance closer shot landscape panda mural influential walls.jpg


panda mural entrance jlp otto up close.jpg
omar early progress panda mural.jpg

the artist

Otto is an artist from Long Beach known for his digital fan art, precise murals, and eye for design. He has mentors in the mural world that are known all around the globe - and it shows!

Showcasing Academic Excellence

John L. Prueitt has a track record of academic excellence at Wasco Union Elementary School District. We were assigned with the task of showcasing this on two pillars at their school's entrance alongside two pillars near their library.

Otto is a muralist known for his precision and attention to detail. Having taught workshops in libraries before teaching kids about art and design, we knew he'd bring the perfect art to fit Prueitt's needs.

We are so happy to see the Principal, staff, and students so proud and happy to call these murals theirs.

jlp diploma mural up close otto influential walls.jpg
library panda mural landscape finished.jpg
finished library panda mural portrait angled tree foreground.jpg
jlp portrait shot otto influential walls panda mural front.jpg
close up panda murals library influential walls school mural.jpg
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