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Evergreen School District

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the artist

Derrik is the founder of Influential Walls. He specializes in pop art, illustrative work, and clean lettering.

Inspiring Youth - One School at a Time

Leyva Middle School asked for a bright, colorful mural that was inclusive, full of motion, and that represented the school body. We developed a student survey to gather input and ideas from the middle school students.


Students expressed a high interest in sports, asked for various patterns, and to include the phrase, "The Future Belongs To Us." Derrik constructed a vibrant mural that depicts sports, inclusivity, the school's paper plane club, and the school mascot.


We implemented our Mural Academy Program after school which allowed students to participate in painting and learn how giant murals are created. 

Client Testimonial:

"It was a pleasure to work with Derrik and his team to add a mural to our campus.  They took time to survey student preferences and revised his design multiple times to ensure it was the look we wanted.  I would highly recommend working with Derrik and his team to create a mural unique to your school site and culture."

- Rachel Trowbridge, Principal at LeyVa Middle School

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