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the artist

Our Founder, Derrik Diza, jumped on this project as the style requested was an illustrative, Japanese style. Right up his alley!

Mural Academy Program in the Forest?! Count us in...

Valley Oak Charter had a rather unique request for us. The school campus was originally a church. The staff was looking for a creative way to hide the cross on the front facade of their main building. To hide the cross, we tried a number of different design choices behind the stained glass window it sat on. Luckily we found the perfect solution.

Not only did our Founder, Derrik, get to beautify the school but he also engaged the students through our Mural Academy Program. Students of various age groups participated in painting and classroom exercises to bring the piece to life.

"Thank you again! There is so much great feedback!"

Barbara Amador, Former Principal at Valley Oak Charter

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