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Why You Should Be Using Pinterest Marketing Strategies to Grow Your Business

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

If you are not currently using Pinterest to promote your business this article is a must read.

Why may you ask?

Pinterest is not as over tapped as other social medias and its characteristics make it the perfect place to tap into niche markets and engage with ready to spend consumers.

Pinterest is the perfect place for individuals to find pins that inspire them and directly relate to their hobbies and interests.

A recent survey by Pinterest stated that 89% of people on Pinterest use it for purchase inspiration. Instead of using google or another browser to search for products or inspiration, Pinterest allows users an aesthetic way to browse products.

Pinterest is set up where the user will type in a couple key words and Pinterest will pull up pins from different users relating to the keyword.

This unique opportunity to present your product directly to the customer without needing the user to follow your account, be on your website, or be inside your physical store is incredible and should be utilized.

Coupled with the ability to link your website, Instagram, Tik Tok, or even the direct product to every pin published, this makes it a wonderful platform to increase sales and traffic without seeming pushy.

Who is the audience on Pinterest?

What does this mean for your business?

When looking to actually increase revenue and sales you need people with money and the power to buy your service.

The audience you reach on Pinterest has all these characteristics that will drive sales. Additionally, if you are a firm that usually promotes on Instagram, Snapchat and social media sites for a typically younger audience this is a great way to branch out to customers who will be doing the actual purchasing.

What do you do on Pinterest?

Pins are the driver behind Pinterest.

Pins are high quality images you post that can be linked to any website. When using Pinterest for business it is recommended to link your pin to your website, Instagram, Tik Tok, or any site you want to drive traffic to.

This is easier for users as they can directly navigate to the place of purchase by clicking the image itself.

When posting a pin, it is important that you optimize keywords.

When users search for something on Pinterest, they will often type in a couple keywords to find what they are looking for. If you use the right keywords your pins will appear more frequently and generate lots of traffic for your business.

Pinterest is unique in that it is evergreen, meaning that things you pin will show up over and over again in searches. This is much better than Instagram where you post something and it is only active on peoples’ feed for a few hours.

Pinterest makes it easy to find great keywords. You just type something into the search bar and it will recommend a dozen other words that are related.

Be sure to include your keywords in the pin heading, caption, and your company's bio.

What are boards?

Boards are places where you can group your individual pins into relevant categories.

For example, if you are a travel business you could create a board called “beach destinations”. You would pin your individual pins here and additionally pin other users pins that correlate to the topic.

This is nice because it:

  1. Shows you are a reputable brand

  2. Allows users to easily get inspiration for a particular topic without having to do as much searching

  3. Lets you generate a brand aesthetic

It is important to use every tool when growing a business. Pinterest has many valuable assets that make it a great way to maximize exposure, sales, and traffic. Hopefully this blog will inspire you to get out there and start pinning!


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