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If you aren't working with a contract, you shouldn't be working at all!



First and foremost guys- we are muralists! We are not lawyers and you should always consult your attorney to ensure any contract you use is sound.


As a muralist, you need to protect the rights to your work as well as take into consideration countless other factors. Factors like how many hours you're working on designing mock ups, bending up-down and sideways to paint a wall, how a painting will turn out in accordance to a digital mock up and render, requesting non-refundable deposits, and more.


Be hesistant to sign a work-for-hire contract, that is, unless you're charging 3x or more than the normal amount you charge. This means the client can reproduce and change your work at scale and in whatever way they please. Instead, tell them you must work within your organization's contract, and should they need to request changes, such changes can be discussed. Just make sure you pay attention closely!


This contract has protected us time and time again. Each year we review our contract and revise it to make sure our artists are protected. Working with a contract also allows you to showcase professionalism and will justify your pricing even moreso. 


Don't let anyone take advantage of you!


This download is specifically for YOU who is purchasing. Please do not send this contract to any other artists out of respect for the resources we are providing and the hard work that goes behind advertising this contract and protection for artists!



Under no circumstances is Influential Walls liable for any loss or damage of any kind that may result in the usage of this contract or any changes made it it. Influential Walls is not a legal institution and reccommends consulting your attorney in the event of any breaches of contract, lawsuits, or altercations to this contract. This template is for general informational purposes only. Influential Walls makes no representations to accuracy, completeness, suitability, or validity, of any information. Influential Walls is not liable for any errors, omissions, or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from usage of this template.Your usage of this contract and any information from Influential Walls is used at your own risk. This contract template is licensed for a single-user ONLY. You are not authorized to share, distribute, or resell this product. This product is subject to copyright protection.



Mural Contract Template

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