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Feeling stuck in your art career or just starting? We want you to close deals with your dream clients and work towards advancing not only your artistic skills but your business skills as well. These sessions are built to help you position yourself as an investment rather than expense in the eye of the client. We will also focus on strategies to help you raise your pricing, build within a niche, automate your job so you are wearing less hats, and hit sustainable financial goals as an artist. 


"Our consulting sessions are primarily focused on branding, marketing automations, and sales. My goal is to get an idea of an artist's vision for the brand and their finances to ensure all the projects they take on are aligned with said goals. I am happy to help provide the formula, but only the artist can actually carry out the work. My goal is to have 3-4 sessions with an artist to help them get to the point on independence." -Derrik


We will reach out to you and schedule one 30 minute call to discuss your goals prior to arranging the 90 minute session, this consultation will be used to maximize the utility of the 90 minute session. Please note this 90 minute session is booked with our Creative Director, Derrik Diza via Zoom only. To ensure you receive best experience and most value out of your call, please install Zoom and have questions ready ahead of time!


You will receive an email after purchase to book a time for your consultation.



1-on-1 Consulting Session with Derrik Diza

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