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Disorganized Depictions


Create a bold message that encourages your customers, 

employees, and community to take action.

Increase brand awareness, encourage engagement , sky rocket with social media shares, boost productivity, and STAND OUT by showcasing the unique creativity of your brand and campaigns.



Disorganized Depictions was founded to bring together innovative brands, artists, and nonprofit organizations. We believe we live in a Disorganized World, but through art, creativity, and innovation there are solutions to the world's problems. For this reason, each mural we create helps support a nonprofit to make positive social impact for those who are less fortunate. 

Our priority is delivering your message and accomplishing your goals through powerful art and design. With several artists who have decades of experience in the industry and creative backgrounds, everything from ideation to installation is handled with professionalism, care, and attention to detail.


  WHY US?  

Our collective of muralists are some of the top talents in the industry. Check out their Instagrams if you don't believe us! We have over 30,000 followers who will be seeing your content on our Tiktok and Instagram pages combined. Not to mention, some of our artists who may share your work on their personal accounts with 10's of 1,000's of followers!


We also have access to exclusive and highly visible walls used by large companies to advertise to millions. Because of this, we are able to help you bring more awareness to your brand, communicate your message, and increase your sales.

Our process is specific, detailed, and timely. Keeping our clients informed makes the process much simpler and transparent. We provide contracts, general liability insurance, conduct brand research and exploration, and most importantly deliver beautiful designs with timely application.


Thanks for submitting, we will reach out to you shortly!

Mural Form

Otter Pops

Los Angeles, CA

Artist: Nina Palomba

This mural and car wrap were both

designed by our seasoned artist,

Nina Palomba.

Nina has 7+ years of design experience and has worked with some of the biggest brands in the world. 

How fun and bright is this palette?!



San Diego, CA

Artist: Jonny Pucci

Viribvs. Civitas. Salvtem.

Strength. Community. Health.

This mural painted by Jonny Pucci in South Park, San Diego, is definitely one that will make you pause. 

What is it about floral patterns that make you feel so at peace yet bewildered at the same time?

South Park.JPG

Coffee World Co.

Torrance, CA

Huyen Dinh

Huyen's work is always top-notch and so fun to look at!

Nothing like bright colors and a delicious cup of coffee to start your morning. If you're looking to brighten your space and remind the world to smile - Huyen is your gal!



Long Beach, CA

Artist: Steve Martinez


"There are two pandemics we are simultaneously fighting at this very moment. One is a disease that started about 7 months ago and the other is a disease that has plagued this country for over 400 years...

At this very moment in time there is a line being drawn, one side you have love and on the other you have hate. Which side are you on?"

-Steve Martinez

Steve Martinez x BLM.JPG

South Lake

Middle School

Irvine, CA

Artist: Derrik Diza

This project was created with the goal to teach students at South Lake how to paint murals and develop early career skills as artists.


We showcased school colors and incorporated a timeless message that would empower students through the pandemic and post pandemic. 

muralist orange county disorganized depictions.JPG

Poppies Public Mural

Chicago, IL

Artist: FNNCH

FNNCH is one of the elite artists in San Francisco, whose work always leaves a strong statement and boasts boldness, simplicity, and positivity. His California Poppy flowers and classic "honey bears" are pieces that are instantly recognizable and really help shift the perceptions people have of their cities. 

Fnnch believes art is for everyone. Only 5% of a city's residents and vistors tour art museums. Fnnch wants to make art an experience for everyone to enjoy.

Chicago Poppies.jpeg

Santa Monice Place 

Los Angeles, CA

Artist: Huyen Dinh

Does lettering get more fun than this?

Here's another beautiful piece from Huyen. It feels like its almost dancing by the way the designs look. This piece's color palette and composition alike boast inclusivity, fun, and light-heartedness.


PowWow! LB

Long Beach, CA

Artist: Steve Martinez

Steve's portfolio is comprised of some of the world's most recognizable brands and shows. The thing about artists like Steve is they are more focused on impact then necessarily becoming legends in the industry. Something about that kind of makes him a legend...

His work does consist of huge murals like his PowWow Mural but also consists of working with small mom and pop shops who he fully backs and wants to help connect to the community. We're honored to work with artists like Steve.



San Francisco CA

Artist: FNNCH

FNNCH's signature honey bears standing tall for everyone to see.

These honey bears are scattered all over the public eye in San Francisco and help to beautify the city and give every wall a face lift. 

FNNCH's goal is to make art accessible for everyone. He is one of the elite artists in the industry featured in the NY Times, Washington Post, and San Francisco Chronicle.

Dreamers Mural.jpg

Connect SD

San Diego, CA

Artist: Derrik Diza

Derrik created this piece to act as a symbol of connection within the art community.

Connect SD is a studio space is San Diego designed to empower artists and bring together community. This was a great opportunity to us to align ourselves with a project that couldn't be more related to our mission.


Yeah Field Trip

San Diego, CA

Artist: Jonny Pucci

"Being an artist means pursuing beauty in the world. Beauty can mean what we normally think of, like a beautiful painting, but it can also be an action. It can mean painting something big and beautiful that has meaning and makes people say, "Wow," but it can also mean helping someone in need, spreading positivity and love."

-Jonny Pucci

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