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- The Mural Academy Program -

Our Clients

Our Clients:

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Focusing on college and career readiness, SEL standards, and revamping school campuses.

The next generation of artists needs more than just talent to build their careers.


They need to start familiarizing themselves with the creative economy and what it means to be an entrepreneur.

At Influential Walls, our mission is to eliminate the starving artist mentality through art business education and delivery of bold artwork.

We started our Mural Academy Program to teach students they CAN become a professional artist who doesn't fit into the "starving artist" stereotype. It was formed to show students they are not alone in the arts and that art is used to better the community, solve problems, and exists all around us: whether on our clothes, cars, walls, websites, and more.

The Mural Academy Program takes into account SEL standards set forth by the Department of Education, college and career readiness, and creating a sense of ownership in the student body.


Not only do we take into account student and faculty ideas, but we allow students to participate in creating a mural alongside a top-tier muralist who is vetted and fingerprinted. We work with some of the best muralists in the world who have worked with huge corporations, government authorities, and schools alike. Our work speaks for itself and our clients absolutely love the final product!

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Consultation, Mood Board Session, and District Approvals

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Student Surveys, Designs, and Two Rounds of Revisions

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Student Workshops, Painting Process, and Completion


Let's Create!
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Derrik and his team exceeded our expectations and captured the spirit and energy of a large comprehensive high school, while helping us maintain, timeless traditions. 

The process was seamless, and the timelines provided were accurate. We could not be more and excited about our new murals and custom crest work. 

- Celeste Scallion, Principal at Vista Murrieta High

"Thank you (Influential Walls Team) so very much for all of your hard work in making this project come to life! Your work has made such a big impact on our campus! I am so grateful for your diligence, professionalism, compassion and love of students, and expertise that you shared with us."

- Michelle Van Ornum, Principal at High Desert School

"Influential Walls proved to be an incredible educational partner.  They turned our school’s vision and ideas into works of art that authentically reflect our community.  Their inclusion of students throughout the process established a sense of ownership and pride throughout our student body.  I highly recommend their partnership!"

- Jason Babineau, Instructional Support Officer at SDUSD & Former Principal at Hoover High

"Working with Influential Walls was one of the best decisions we could have made during our planning process. The service was white glove from start to finish and truly added more value than we could’ve imagined. From the initial idea conversation to artist curation, design process and final execution, Influential Walls carried us through every step flawlessly."

- Kelsey Fulop, US M&E Planner at Accenture

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Why us?

We are the leaders in this space. Our program not only incorporates SEL exercises for students, but brings the best of the best muralists to your campus. Because we have worked with so many districts, we know the ins and outs of organizing the contracts and logistics. Lastly, we customize our program for you!

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