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Rialto Unified School District


It took a team to make this project happen! Jonny Pucci is a realism artist who is great at creating unique photo opportunities.  Omar Martinez is a powerful graphic artist whose design skills and attention to detail brought crisp lines and a powerful statement to Eisenhower. Sophie Mathis is a muralist prodigy - only 21 years old, Sophie has painted realistic murals across multiple states.

the artists

Beautifying an Entire Campus

Eisenhower High School is the golden standard of Rialto Unified School District. The faculty reached out to us for a mural, but when they saw our work, they decided to revamp their entire campus!

We brought on multiple artists to showcase themes of school pride, diversity, unity, and color all over the campus. With beautiful murals in all four corners of the campus, Eisenhower looks completely new. 

Lots of hard work and dedication was put on throughout the week from our team. Special shout outs to Jonny, Sophie, Omar, and Derrik for bringing the campus to life and putting in the hours to meet a tight deadline for a huge project!

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influential walls eagle mural far away.jpg
dancer mural influential walls
influential walls mural dance
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